14192735_655280634627132_5003066226159264947_nIn this dark comedy, two dysfunctional Gen-X era brothers co-own a comedy club in the suburbs of Baltimore. The older brother is a veteran standup comic with hopes of rebuilding a once promising career and getting back to NYC or LA while maintaining his artistic integrity.  Meanwhile the younger, more business minded brother looks to rebound from a series of failed ventures and become the wealthy entrepreneur he’s always envisioned. The show explores the comedy world from both the business and creative sides as the two middle aged brothers struggle to remain relevant, youthful and optimistic about the future, without killing each other.

The First Three Episodes!

We decided to release the first three episodes at once, just to keep you, the viewer from having to wait! You are welcome.

Episode 1.1 – “Eddie’s Coming”

Premiere episode of The Brothers Nobody series…. “Eddie’s Coming”- An old rival of Marc’s headlines the club while Andrew works to improve a Magoobys food item.

Episode 1.2 – “Strange Day”

Andrew deals with a Magoobys employee’s rule infraction. Marc gets some interesting advice on how to cure his writer’s block.

Episode 1.3 – “A Night at the Club”

During a busy show night Marc comes to the club to celebrate his birthday and ends up with a surprise gift from Andrew.